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Our Team

Andrew Smith


After finishing his professional DJ career in a blaze of glory, Andrew decided to settle down and get legit.

Andrew wifed up, added a kid and developed his career in the IT industry… but still something was missing.

Thus, Sun City Creative appeared like a mirage in a dessert! Andrew now gets to tinker on websites, design to his heart’s content and pretend to be the boss.

If you need a website or design, he’s the man… just ask him! No, but seriously, he knows his stuff.

Rebecca Collie


Resident marketing nerd, occasional artist and intrepid winery dweller, Bec professes to be the marketing brains behind Sun City Entertainment. She pulls the strings for all things marketing, social media and things that you need on the internet.

With more than 10 years of marketing experience, Bec brings a wealth of knowledge on how to bring your business into the digital age or build upon what you’ve already got.

She is a perfectionist, if you’ve got a spelling or grammar mistake, she WILL find it. We call her the Grammar Nazi… but shhh don’t tell her that.

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